The halfway point of the year has come and its also the halfway point of the PPV season. last nights new PPV , entitled fatal four waywent off with very little promotion and I am betting very little interest as far as Buy rates go. will all of the marks get wish and find out that The Dragon isn't fired and taking Indy bookings or has  the once mighty Vincent Kennedy McMahon caved to corprete standrads and practices and fired a future star for the sake of advertsers or worse politics. your guess is as good as mine. what I do know is they gutted the best match on WM night for another new PPV so they better get off the stick and promote this next one comming up.

Last night saw one of the new hand pick protege's , Drew McIntyre get his rematch with Kofi Kingston .  Drew hasf allen out of favor with a great many people in the locker room and with his in ring abillity comming into question most of the time . The fact that he lost this match pretty much tells me that he is in for a pro longed feud with Mat Hardy Next to see if he can help get him over. Dont hold your breath because the only thing that is really going to get Drew over is going back to square one .

 Next up is the Diva Belt Fatal Fourway. I had my heart so set on Gail Kim winning but once again , logic gets thrown out the window when it comes to Booking , especiallly booking the Ladies. Alicia Foxx has mad skills dont get me wrong , but you brought Gail Kim over her for a reason , and I dont think it was to bury her among people that havent logged the time that she has. At the very least they shold start a feud between Kim and Fox until some of the injured get back on their feet.

Next up was a surprise ad on match . Evan Bourne takes on Lion heart the mouth that roared Chris Jericho in a one on one mastch that is sure to get bourne over with the crowd and give him that Push that Cena has been talking about. this i thought was one of the better matches of the evening and what a shock to find that Jericho was willing to do a job to help out as well. Take the hint HHH, it isnt always about you .

and now we come to the first Fatal fourway . for the World  championship. we have CM PunkvsJack Swaggervs Rey Mysterio  vs The Big Show. I really thought they where going to cut the Show a break and let him hold the belt to a little while . But nooo, got to further along this stupid undertaker Kane thing that is going to end with Kane being the one who attacked the Undertaker. When Kane did his run in with the Coffin, I had the weirdest sense of Deja Vu because we have seen this story time and time again. And the surprise Winner out of this mess was Rey Mysterio . hope the book him better this time.

The next Match pitted R Truth against the Miz , got to figure this was a last minute throw together when Danielson got Fired. Well it wasn't bad and it might lead to somthing down the road for the Miz beating The truth clean. The thing that gets me is that these two are two halves of good tag teams and god knows the WWE needs to do more Tag team matches .

Speaking of Tag Teams, we had another late throw in match . A six Man Mixed match with the Harts and Natalya taking on the Uso Twins  Tamina Snuka . Rikeshi's twin sons have a definite future in the biusness and the girl well her skills need a little polish but if and when that comes watch out.

And Finally we come to the last fatal fourway. Cena, Sheamus, Orton , and Edge all square off in the ring for the WWE championship belt . much like the whole use Kane in the other match , you just knew that somthing with NXT was going to go down . It did , Cena took another beating , and Sheamus Swooped in to get Orton for the belt. he grabed the belt and split leaving the other three in a heap in various locations ring side  Agsin not as orginal as a lot of people think. this is right out of the NWO Handbook and they know it. I cant fault them for comming up with this but comming up with it and then firing one of the principal people  involved is stupid .

Daniel Bryan , AKA Byryan Danielson was definetly fired . he is already taking Indy Bookings and his name is down at WWE .com . whether this will all blow over at this point nobody knows, but Dragon, if you let them get away with this, then theyu can do it to whoever they want to. Go to TNA and Prove them wrong.