Squared Circle Blog” Raw, NXT, where are they going with thisFor all of you WWE Marks out there in Cyberspace, put down the Cool Aid for a minute and take a look at the big picture . They have front loaded all of the top stars onto Raw and the shows are still terrible . The guest host thing more often gets in the way of the flow of the show and lets face facts , most of those people have no idea where they are or what the hell to do.So someone comes up with the grand plan of recycling a failed Pay per view concept , Cyber Sunday, into a three hour Raw show .  We get Jericho and the Big Show in a Slam Match, Koslov and Santino in a Dance off, and Maryse winning a pointless Diva Battle Royal.  The topper, all of the stars in your ground breaking new show’s first season run amok , beating down the face of the company , a hall of fame ring announcer, ring crew and anyone else that got in their way.

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