“Turning point; TNA holding its own in a sea of mediocrity”

Turning point last night, while I’m sure it didn’t do any earth shaking buy rates it was still a good show that is helping TNA keep itself a float for a while. They are starting to get it about the blood and how they are over doing it. Mickie James and Tara put on a good one last night that almost put me in the mind of Gail Kim vs. Kong. 

The RVD Dreamer match had more to do with winding down the whole EV 2 angle then anything else, kinda upset that they picked Sabu to go first considering there was at least one or two choices that would have made better sense. Sabu at the very least could have helped some of the younger guys get over with the crowd. 

Although I think that Jay lethal’s talent beyond his years and has no business holding the Xdivsion belt right now, he is still one of the top guy’s in the company and should be working the main event stuff like the whole Immortal angle. Lethal and this jersey shore guy put through a good batch and Robbie E come out on top with the help of his girl Cookie.

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